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Home & Our Pet List

Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control Shelter

15487 Club Deluxe Road† Hammond† LA† 70403†

Phone:985-543-0215††† Fax:985-543-0215

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 12 noon to 4:30pm (closed weekends and holidays)


Spaying and Neutering is the best way for reducing cancer and animal shelter populations

Adopting a Friend


Adoption fees for dogs ($60) and cats ($50) include a general health check, rabies vaccination, at least one in the series of general health vaccinations, and the spay or neuter as required by state law. Once the animal is adopted, we take them to the vet for the spay/neuter and the Adopter will pick them up from the Vet.† Animals are screened for health and temperament prior to placement for adoption.† Adoption counselors gather information from the adopters so that the best match possible can be made between the animal and itís new home.


NOTE:† No claims or guarantees are made by Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control concerning the health, temperament, or future size of the animal.

In Memory of Animal Rescuers

Star and Deanne